Report damage, theft or loss

To report a claim, you should primarily contact the platform through which your rental was made. More information on how to do this can be found in your insurance policy, or by contacting the platform through which the insurance is distributed. Damages are reported via our claims form. Unfortunately, we are not able to receive claims via email or telephone.


Review of your case

If we don’t agree

First and foremost – contact us at Omocom
If you are not satisfied with the decision in a case, you can always have the decision reconsidered either by contacting Omocom to clear up any misunderstanding, or by writing to the complaints officer Patric Sundell at, see Omocom’s website for more information .

General Court
In most cases, an insurance dispute can also be tried by a general court.

Free advice on insurance matters

Consumers’ Insurance Agency
The Consumers’ Insurance Agency provides private individuals with independent and free guidance on pensions, insurance and claims settlement, but does not try individual disputes.

Konsumenternas Försäkringsbyrå
Box 24215, 104 51 Stockholm
Telephone: 0200-22 58 00
Email: Only via web form

Municipal consumer guidance
You can also get information and advice free of charge via your home municipality’s consumer advisor.