Circular insurance

Omocom develops and distributes insurance through our platform partners, all the way to the end customer. We take care of all claims handling, with our experienced claims handlers ensuring that the end customer is compensated in the best possible way in local languages across Europe. Omocom targets platforms that strive to increase the use of existing resources for a more sustainable future. Omocom has a unique API that is customised specifically for rentals and is suitable for purchase, subscription, leasing, short or long term rentals. Our solutions enable seamless transactions and end-to-end user experiences.

About Omocom

Omocom was founded in the northern parts of Sweden in 2017, but today has its headquarters in Stockholm as well as an office in Piteå. We are registered insurance intermediaries and under direct supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and distribute insurance solutions together with our partners and risk carriers in our business, the insurance companies W.R Berkley Insurance Nordic, Dina Försäkring AB and Baloise Holding AG. We have the capacity to distribute insurances all over Europe.

Omocom is intended for companies with circular business models, and is well suited for platforms that operate in several different countries. We insure vehicles, accommodation, premises and things while they are being transported. Does your company have at least 1000 rentals per month and is in need of a scalable insurance solution? Contact us for more information.