Circular insurance

Omocom offers much more than just digital and embedded insurances. Our products reduce both risk and fraud as well as increase conversions and can be offered in +20 markets throughout Europe. We work with platforms that strive to increase the use of existing resources, for a more sustainable future.


A conversion tool

Our insurance creates maximum security and makes more people dare to take the step to consume more sustainably, regardless of whether it is to rent a car or buy a used phone. Our solutions are designed for a seamless customer experience and on average, our voluntary insurances have a conversion rate of over 20%.


Omocom’s solutions are completely API-based and data-driven at all possible stages, which leads to friction-free flows and minimal administration for all parties.

World class claims handling

All damages are handled internally by Omocom and our skilled claims handlers and we currently have the opportunity to handle claims in local languages throughout Europe. 9/10 of our customers state that they will continue to rent out their goods, despite the fact that it has been damaged during, for example, a rental.


Whether it is a car, a house, a telephone, or a tool that is either rented, parked, stored, transported, or sold, we have a suitable insurance solution. Today our insurances are available in +20 markets in Europe and we are constantly expanding into new ones. Read more about our various products below.


We insure electronics, tools, hardware, furniture, transported goods, clothing, sports equipment, and other things. Whether they are bought second-hand or rented out.


Holiday homes, apartments, rooms, houses, offices, premises & storage spaces.


Cars, boats, motorhomes, caravans and motorcycles.


Omocom’s API is tailored specifically for rentals and second hand purchase, whether it is between two companies or two private persons and whether the transaction regards a subscription, leasing, or short/long-term rental. Our solutions enable seamless transactions and excellent user experiences from start to finish.

Our algorithms process large amounts of transactional data from the platforms that are connected to us through our API and enable us to deliver much more than just digital insurance solutions back to our customers.

Our risk engine has a unique ability to personalize risk, which enables individual risk calculations for each individual transaction, in real time.

Our built-in risk assessment also has the ability to reduce and counter fraud on the platforms we are working with.


Seamlessly integrated into your digital flows.

A transaction (rental or purchase) takes place on the platform

Omocom automatically picks up transactional data through API

At the same time as the transaction is completed, a personal insurance letter is created and sent directly to the customer

Should damage occur during the insurance period, the customer reports the damage directly to Omocom through a digital claims form

Omocom receives the claim and our experienced claims settlers make sure to compensate the customer in the best way possible

Omocom performs lightning fast payouts directly to the customer through our payment partners

Omocom either sends an invoice to the platform for the number of insurances sold the previous month or collect the payment of the premium at the same time as the primary transaction is carried out


When damages occur, you and your customers can feel safe when you have Omocom as your insurance partner. All damages are handled by our experienced claims handlers who will respond both quickly and with exceptional service. Our main mission is to keep the customer's stuff in use, despite the fact that they get damaged during the rental period. Today, 9 out of 10 states that they will continue to rent out their stuff even though they have been damaged.


Omocom helps speed our growth and expansion substantially. We consider the cooperation with them a strategic benefit. Moreover, Omocom is a strong customer centric partner that we are very happy to work and grow with

Thomas Christensen, COO GoMore

There is a flexibility in Omocom's insurance solution for our customers that no one else has been able to offer. Therefore, it feels incredibly safe to be able to offer it to our owners, and hope that it will attract even more people to rent out their homes!

Olof Kernell, Founder & CTO, Guestit

The traditional insurance industry has not been able to deliver a good solution to us. Omocom's solution fits our business model perfectly as it is adapted for short periods and digital processes. In addition to the launch itself going like clockwork, we also see results far beyond what we expected.

Tim Bjelkstam, CEO Tiptapp

​Omocom is the only insurance player we have found that understands a two-sided market. They share our goal of keeping products in use and reducing production-related emissions.

Ola Degerfors, CEO, Hygglo

In 2019, 65,000 bicycles were stolen in Sweden. Together with Omocom, we can offer the first Swedish bicycle insurance, also for used bicycles. In the long run, we want to work together to reduce bicycle theft and make it easier and safer for more people to own or lease their bicycles.

Tomas Grönqvist, grundare MIOO

Increases sales & the use of existing resources

API-based and seamless for all parties

One partner in +20 markets to scale and grow your business with