StayNordic launches with rental insurance via Omocom

StayNordic is the name of the new marketplace for renting holiday homes that is aimed at both homeowners and guests. Based in Gothenburg, StayNordic offers a flexible and secure rental service for homeowners around the country with focus on service and local presence. At the same time, guests can choose from hand-picked holiday accommodation of high quality in Sweden and enjoy their holidays in peace and tranquility. The owner and founder of StayNordic, Kristofer Jakobsson, has extensive experience both in housing brokerage but also renting out his own homes, and highlights the value of security when renting out their property.

“Omocom was the natural choice for us at StayNordic. A forward-thinking company that offers smart digital solutions in combination with security and service, which is completely in line with our company values and work. We are convinced that with the help of Omocom's services, we will facilitate our daily operations while feeling comfortable and proud that we can offer our landlords comprehensive protection. ” - Kristofer Jakobsson, CEO of StayNordic

The collaboration with the insuretech company and the insurance intermediary Omocom means that the owner or first-time tenant of the accommodation is covered by a rental insurance that functions as a complement to an traditional home-insurance. The Omocom-insurance solution is like the piece of the puzzle that is missing for subletting to feel completely safe, both for the landlord and the tenant if something unforeseen should happen.

The insurance solution of the future is digital

In addition to the security that rental insurance entails, StayNordic's founders and CEO were attracted by Omocom's all-digital solution that can reduce both the risk of damage and fraud.

“Having the opportunity to collect data from connected platforms and draw relevant conclusions from this, both to prevent damage but also to reward decent use, is extremely valuable for our customers. We are happy to help StayNordic with this, among other things, and look forward to a long-term collaboration! ” says Isak Albihn, Business Developer at Omocom.

Reduces the number of damages and frauds

Omocom's risk arresment, which goes by the working name Omocom Score, has a unique ability to track potential risk, which enables individual risk calculations for each individual rental in real time. Our built-in and API-based risk assessment can thus reduce and counter fraud, while at the same time there is the possibility of rewarding a low accident frequency for individuals.

Regardless of whether a user rents a holiday home, a drill, or a motorhome from an Omocom-connected platform, another platform can obtain valuable information about previous rentals, regardless of product category.

Read more about StayNordic: This post is translated from Swedish.