Billigteknik and Omocom collaborate with a new insurance solution for refurbished electronics

Good for both the environment and your wallet - Billigteknik and Omocom collaborates with a new insurance solution that will be offered to consumers when buying electronic products sold at

Omocom is the circular insurance distributor that, together with risk carriers and platforms, customizes insurance solutions to encourage keeping existing products in use. Billigteknik, both with a physical store and a webshop, was started in Lund in 2007 by two students with the goal of collecting and selling electronics products that were not sold. At and Omocom customer- service and experience are the main focus, which is why the collaboration with the insurance solution becomes such an important part of the platforms' offering and goals towards reducing the climate footprint.

Together we keep electronics products alive even longer

The insurance product that will soon be offered is a all-risk insurance for a larger selection of electronic products, such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and televisions. The all-risk insurance covers damage, theft or loss, and is valid for a full year from the date of purchase, with the possibility of extension for another year. The value of the product at Billigteknik regulates both the premium level and the deductible for the end customer - All in order to make the insurance as good and affordable as possible for the consumer.

In the event of damage, loss or theft, this is reported as usual in Omocom's completely digital claims form. Claims are received and handled by Omocom's claims specialists in a thoughtful and personal manner, in the same way as Billigteknik themselves treats their customers. The goal for both parties is to lower the threshold for buying used electronics products, and at the same time extend the life of these. has long been looking for an insurance partner who understands the current business climate in the electronics industry. A partner who, like ourselves, strives for a circular business model and who can meet the expectations and needs of today's customers. Omocom's insurance solution takes us one step closer to the consumer - says in their press comment.

“It is extremely fun to start a collaboration with Billigteknik, which, like Omocom, also strives to promote the use of existing electronic products, both for the environment, the wallet and consumer demand. The insurance product that will be offered is developed so that both the environment, consumers and retailers can benefit from it, and we are very proud of that! ” - says Christian Weimer, Senior Business Developer at Omocom.

The insurances are offered in partnership with W. R. Berkley who is the risk carrier.

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