Initiation of Vakansa’s new coworking space in Solberga, Stockholm

Omocom-partner Vakansa opened and had the initiation of their new coworking space, in the Stockholm district of Solberga. The coworking space, which is also rightfully described as a neighborhood office, is initiated together with Stockholm’s largest public housing company Stockholmshem. The neighborhood office is a pilot project and is for residents of Solberga who are looking for an ergonomic workplace close to home. The space can also be used on evenings and weekends for meetings and administrative tasks.

Omocom was invited to participate in the opening initiating, which suitably took place on the 1st of October – just a few days after the pandemic restrictions in Sweden were lifted. We arrived at the cozy, calm, and quite quiet neighborhood of Solberga on the rainy Friday afternoon. The entrance to the Vakansa coworking space was half a stair down, of the side of the house. The Vakansa-green balloons that we saw through the windows earlier gossiped that we were at the right place.

We were immediately welcomed by Vakansa-founder and CEO Robin Rushdi Al Salehi and asked him jokingly how stressed he was for the opening. “I’ve got a lot of help from my cousins, so I can relax a bit now and greet my guests”, Robin answered with a big smile.

Vakansa’s vision of to promote sustainable urban development, without the need to build new houses or spaces. Robin Rushdi Al Salehi believes that the concept of multifunctional hubs will give the area life and movement during all waking hours of the day. That’s why Vakansa has decided to become specialists in making existing spaces as easy to share as possible.

Robin gave a personal and inspiring speech about how why he entered the real estate industry, and why he founded Vakansa. It would not be fair for me to try to describe his beautiful speech, I instead highly suggest you see one for yourself (or via Youtube-search: Cities Meant For People or People Meant For Cities? | Robin Rushdi Al-Sálehi | TEDxUppsalaUniversity)

The atmosphere in the spacious Vakansa-office space was joyful and pleasant, and the question “Are you also from Stockholmshem?” we’re asked to us Omocomers a few times. We’re not, but we sure made some new contacts outside our regular set of businesses ✌🏼

Thank you Vakansa and Robin Rushdi Al Salehi for the invitation to the warm and lovely neighborhood office, we’ll definitely be back.